AJET Representatives

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Introducing your Fukuoka AJET Reps!

Contact them at AjetinFukuoka@gmail.com

Anita Yung | Prefectural Rep & Communications Director

Job Type: Senior High School ALT

Year: 3

Out from the mountainous terrain of Canada – Vancouver, BC to be more precise. Residing in Chojabaru, Anita is excited to be experiencing her third year as a senior high school ALT.  Though she wishes for the occasional poutine, she’s loving the abundant availability of croquettes and ramen!

Dena-Kae Ferguson | Director of Events

Job Type: Senior High School ALT

Year: 4

Dena-Kae is a fourth year ALT living in Chayama, Fukuoka City. Born and raised on the beautiful island of Jamaica, she left home at 17 to pursue an education in Law in the USA. Afterwards, she returned home and worked as the event coordinator for a non-profit organization. Now she finds herself in Japan! She enjoys cocktails, dancing and lounging at the beach.

Christina Lee | Treasurer

Job Type: Senior High School ALT

Year: 2

Eryk Salvaggio | Charity Liaison

Job Type: Senior High School ALT

Year: 3

Eryk Salvaggio arrived last year from New England and is in his third year as an ALT in Fukuoka. He has a passion for movies, photography, and the written word.

Kendra Cobb | Event Coordinator

Job Type: Senior High School ALT

Year: 4

From the interestingly named city of Red Deer, Canada, Kendra is a fourth year Senior High School ALT. Since coming to Japan, she has traded her fencing swords for Yosakoi dance shoes.

Christian Chantell | Event Coordinator

Job Type: Senior High School ALT

Year: 4

Originally hailing from Mexico and later the desolate and arid lands of Arizona in the US of A, Christian is in his fourth year in Kitakyushu. Christian teaches English at the Senior High School level and enjoys playing music with local musicians, practicing martial arts at the neighborhood dōjō, playing video games, and painting during his free time. Feel free to ask him a question anytime.

Jamina Ovbude | Event Coordinator

Job: Senior High School ALT

Year: 3

Jamina is an ex-fashion PR who came from Southern CA to Japan for a bit of adventure.  She is a third year ALT living in Kasuya.  When she’s not teaching, she enjoys jamming to melodious tunes while catching up on fashion tidbits.  She also misses Honey Nut Cheerios terribly.

Julie Won | Event Coordinator

Job Type: Senior High School ALT

Year: 2

Julie was born in Fukuoka but moved to California as a baby and has lived there ever since… until now! This is her first time back to the land of the rising sun, so she’s thrilled to be here! She is a second year ALT living in Amagi, rice paddy central. Despite the mukade, she’s in love with Japan and all the matcha sweets and adorable cats.

Yannick McLeod | Kitakyushu City Rep

Job Type: Kitakyushu City ALT

Year: 5

From Norfolk, Virginia, Yannick is currently on his fifth year on The JET Programme. He calls Kitakyushu City home and enjoys a wide variety of activities, including wadaiko and Bible Studies. That is all.

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